Makeup has become an important aspect of everyone’s life as it allows you to cover your flaws with suitable products. To get the perfect glow, you surely need to know the right way to apply it with the right makeup sponge and brushes.

Let us take a look into the guide of applying the foundation with a makeup sponge to look great. It is a great way for people to practice makeup application with a suitable thing that allows you to have a flawless makeup look easily.

Apply foundation with makeup sponge!

There are uncountable ways to put foundation on your face to get the perfect glow; however, makeup sponge remains the trendiest and reliable. People are practicing to put makeup with the finger, brushes but to get the fine blend makeup sponge is the most reliable one for you evidently.

You need to follow up a simple guide to attain the even tone skin of foundation when applied with a makeup sponge. Let us get started with it:

  • Damp your makeup sponge

Before you get started with the foundation with a makeup sponge, ensure that you have damped the makeup sponge nicely. You don’t need to make it wet thoroughly but damp only so that foundation can be put easily on it for proper applicability of it.

  • Put foundation on sponge

Now, you need to start with applying foundation with a makeup sponge on your skin. You can start with under eyes, forehead, and complete face. Now start with gently pushing of the sponge on to your skin so that foundation can be penetrated deeper into your skin layer.

application of foundation

  • Let it sit

You need to wait until the makeup is well settled to get the proper finishing. If you notice any unevenness on your face, then choose to blend it well with a makeup sponge to enjoy the perfect look.

  • Wash it over next time

You cannot put the makeup sponge without cleaning it for further use. Make sure you are washing the sponge with something suitable that can assist with proper cleaning of the sponge. There are plenty of options that you can be considerate of for cleaning your makeup sponge for the prevention of bacteria storage in it and making it safe for further use.

Hence, these are simpler ways to use a makeup sponge for application of foundation thoroughly over your skin. You can surely rely on the details stated above for the use of sponge in the perfect way to get even tone.